EDA Zerio Plus Network Communicator

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  • Extends the Radio Range and number of devices on a Zerio Plus Radio Fire Alarm System
  • Links multiple systems together to form one large system
  • Compatible with full range of Zerio Plus Panels
  • Simple to Set-up
  • Monitored Cable
  • Lockable Antenna
  • Uses RS485 Data Connection
  • Complies with all applicable requirements of BS5839 and EN54
  • Dimensions: 80mm (W) x 160mm (H) x 40mm (D)
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EDA Zerio Plus Network Communicator EDA-Z6011

For larger premises, where the radio range of one system is not greater enough, or more than 240 devices are required, several systems can be installed and then linked together , forming a single system.

Using a pair of network communicators, each system, up to a maximum of eight, can be linked with all communications between these systems being channelled through these monitored devices. Each system is configured as a separate system, and if no display is required, then a EDA-Z6020 Network Controller can be used instead of a control panel.

The EDA-Z6011, which is connected to either a control or booster panel, in each of the systems, is then used to communicate between the two systems. The communicators can be positioned remotely and a cable run to the panel should this aid communication.

The EDA-Z6011 is also powered through the four core cable so no backup battery is required. Configuration could not be simpler as the communicators are added via the panel menus.

There is sufficient space inside the unit to allow easy cable termination using screw terminals. When connecting multiple units, terminals for RS485 in and RS485 out, are provided.

The SMA connector on the unit allows easy fitting of the supplied stub antenna which is locked in place by the enclosure or a weatherproof dipole antenna can be fitted.

Indicators on the unit provide information for the supply, fault and status.