EDA Zerio Plus Radio Heat Sounder Detector with LED Beacon *

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Electro Detectors Radio Heat Sounder Detector with LED Beacon EDA-D6030

The EN54 combined sounder detector has been based on the successful Millennium and Zerio systems. The new Zerio Plus device has the usual features of the original device with increases in flexibility when operating with the Zerio Plus system. Offering the advanced features of the Zerio Plus detector, the unit is housed in an attractive moulding and shares a common fixing and is interchangeable with the existing Zerio Plus detectors. The combined detector contains a powerful processor and utilises surface mount technology to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability. The sounder section utilises a high output sounder, switch mode power supply and a sensitive narrow bandFM receiver.

The unit is fully programmable and is capable, as is the usual sounder detector, of being divided into 255 individually controlled areas. Fully configurable by radio, the combined detector stores a unique serial number and length of time in service in its non-volatile memory. With several available tones, which can be changed with a few button presses at the control panel, the system offers flexibility never seen on a wired system. The combined detector is designed to comply with all appropriate sections of EN54.

Key Features:

EN54 Part 25
Fully Addressable
Selectable Alarm Level
Rate of Rise or Fixed Point
Up to 5 year battery life
Small attractive compact design
Available with LED Beacon
Compatible with Zerio Plus Panel