EDA Zerio Plus Radio Sounder Beacon IP65

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Electro-Detectors Zerio Plus Weatherproof Radio Sounder with Beacon (EDA-A6072).

Designed to complement the range of EDA Radio Fire Alarm equipment, the EDA-A6072 weatherproof electronic sounder with beacon is powered entirely by internal batteries, controlled and monitored by radio, producing up to fourteen different sound tones at a sound level equivalent to that of a normal hard wired electronic sounder.

In normal operation the sounder continuously listens via its built in radio receiver to any instruction emanating from its controlling panel. Once operating it continues to listen for further instructions to change tone or silence.

This product requires 3 x EDA-Q690 Batteries to operate.

Key Features:

This product is fully addressable
Selectable tones
Has a battery life of up to 5 years
small aesthetic compact design
Call point input option available
105dB at 1M (can be adjusted as required)