Fike TwinflexPro2 8-Zone Control Panel

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Key Features:

  • 4 line x 20 character LCD display
  • Ability to differentiate between smoke detector, heat detector or a manual call point alarms
  • Alarm confirmation feature
  • Available in 2, 4, and 8 zone panel versions
  • RS485 Connection to up to 8 Repeater panels
  • Highlighted selection menu
  • Event log storing up to 500 events
  • 3 enhanced test modes
  • Allows detectors and sounders to be installed on the same pair of wires
  • Up to 32 devices per zone
  • Built-in EOL capability in all devices
  • 7 modes of detection
  • Zone can be configured to day/night detection mode
  • Delay programming options

TwinflexPro2 Protects:

  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Apartments/Flats
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
  • Restaurant
  • Retail Stores
  • Historical Buildings
  • Museums
  • Office Buildings
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The TwinflexPro2 panel is an intelligent 2-wire panel that utilises a conventional type cabling format. The system is classed as Analogue non-addressable due to the architecture used within the design. The devices communicate with the control panel using the Twinflex data protocol. The TwinflexPro2 panel is available in 2,4 & 8 zone variants which support up to 32 Twinflex devices per circuit. The TwinflexPro2 is able to recognise and separately identify between smoke detector, heat detector and a manual call point alarm.

The panel also monitors each zone for detector head removal, device fault, End of line fault and open or short circuit fault. The panel provides two monitored outputs that may be configured as conventional sounder circuits, a volt free common fire relay and a volt free common fault relay. There are also two multifunction latching/non-latching inputs and one monitored input programmable with options such as Class-Change and Remote fire. The control panel also incorporates an integral power supply unit and requires 2 x 12V 3.2Ah batteries to provide up to 72-hour standby times.

The panel features a 500-event log, day/night mode, alarm confirmation and delay programming options that can be configured using the keypad or via PC driven OSP software. The TwinflexPro2 panel is no longer only compatible with Fike’s Twinflex devices, with the addition of our conventional zone card a 4 or 8 zone panel can now be configured to accept conventional devices on zones 5 to 8.

Unlike most conventional fire alarm systems, which require separate pairs of cables for detector zones and sounder circuits, the Twinflex system requires one 2-core screened cable for each zone to accommodate both detection devices and sounders when using Twinflex devices.