CTec 800 Series 10 Zone Master Call Controller flush c/w PSU

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  • Housed in an attractive surface mounting plastic enclosure measuring just 214mm x 178mm.
  • Includes 10 or 20 Zonal Alarm LEDs capable of indicating Standard and Emergency Calls. Note this expansion controller does not include on onboard buzzer as audible call indication will come from the master controller it is connected to.
  • NC910EF provides 10 extra zones, NC920EF provides 20 extra zones.
  • Innovative slide-in labelling system.
  • Optional horizontal (NCBOXAS) and vertical (NCBOXAL) alignment plates available to aid the installation of controllers and expansions units located alongside each other.
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Expands the number of zones on an NC910F or NC920F Call Controller by 10 or 20 zones (dependent on model purchased).