EDA Zerio Plus Radio Call Point / Break Glass Unit

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Electro Detectors Radio Call Point Break Glass Unit EDA-C5000

The Zerio Plus break glass unit from Electro-Detectors represents a new benchmark in terms of what the marketplace can expect from a radio callpoint. This unit is the latest development from a company which has over 30 years of designing and manufacturing radio fire alarm systems. Based on the highly successful Millennium and Zerio ranges, the addressable unit contains a powerful processor, utilising surface mount technology to achieve the ultimate in performance and reliability. Long operational life and stable operation has been successfully achieved by using sophisticated protocols and the most technologically advanced components.

A unique serial number and the length of time in service is stored in its internal memory. All data is retained in this non-volatile memory which is not corrupted or erased even should power be removed. A battery life of up to 7 years and continual monitoring minimise maintenance but sophisticated self-testing ensure confidence in the units operation. The Zerio Plus callpoint is fully compliant with the relevant sections of BS5839 and EN54 including Part 25. The unit is supplied complete with call-point, mounting box and battery and just requires two screws to mount the unit to the wall.

Key Features:

EN54 Part 25
Fully addressable
Up to 7 Year Battery Life
Small attractive compact design
IP65 Option