Smoke Detector Test Starter Kit to 4 metres

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The kit contains:

  • 1 Solo 330 Aerosol Smoke Dispenser
  • 1 Solo 108 2 Section Telescopic Pole 2.5 metres
  • 1 Solo A10 Aerosols 150ml non-flammable
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Solo equipment is available in a number of conveniently arranged kits. Whether your need is for a simple starter kit, a universal smoke testing kit, or an all encompassing kit including a heat detector tester, there is one available.

Larger kits are supplied with a purpose designed carry -bag / storage case, which holds all the tools an engineer needs for testing – not just practical, but also giving a professional image when arriving on site.

The Solo 808 is a starter pack for testing smoke detectors up to 4m high.