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557.200.029FC MX Paging System Pager Transmitter

The MX pager system is designed to provide a facility to signal all text messages or alarm/fault messages from a local transmitter to the pagers.

The transmitter connects to the serial printer port on the FIM800 or if already in use to a MPM800. The pager system requires a +12 V d.c. connection from a remote PSU. If the transmitter needs to be located further than 2 m from the MX Panel, then a non-standard serial printer cable may be used, up to a maximum distance of 14 m.

Key Features

Connects using a 9-way D type MX interface lead to MX printer port
Dimensions: 328H x 190W x 75D mm
System operating voltage: 12 to 13.8 Vdc
Effective radiated power: 500 mW Max
Frequency range: 450-470 MHZ
Channel spacing: 25 KHz
TX baud rate: 512 or 1200
Type approval ETS 300 224,EC type approved to ETS 300 682