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SAB800 MX Sounder Addressable Beacon

The Sounder Base Addressable Modules (SAM800/SAB800/SAB801) are designed to control a loop powered sounder base for use with the MX system, two variants SAB800/SAB801) includes an integral beacon. They may also be used to drive a relay base. The units are used to provide the address decoding in place of a detector, thus providing a loop powered sounder beacon when used in conjunction with a Sounder Base. These modules are colour matched to the sounder bases and are locked into the base using the locking device integral to the sounder base.

The SAB800/SAB801 has a flashing beacon incorporated into the front with a red lens arrangement. It is designed for wall mounting either on a sounder base or on a conventional base. When mounted 2 to 2.2m above ground level the beacon provides a high uniform intensity wide angle light output. The base orientation is not critical to the viewing of the beacon.


Allows the 801/802/812/901 & 912 Sounder Base to become Addressable without the need to fit a Detector, thus creating an Addressable Loop Powered Sounder
Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting
Sounder Selection Tones as per 801/802/812/901 & 912 Sounder Base
Fits the 801RB Relay Base to provide an Addressable Relay Base without the need to fit a Detector
Colour matched to Sounder Bases
Locked into Sounder Base using Detector Locking Pin
SAM 800 is configurable in CONSYS
SAB800 / SAB801 may be used with 5B or MUB bases
SAB800 / SAB801 adds a Flashing Red Beacon facility to the 801/802/812/901 & 912 Sounder Base
SAB801 Low current consumption (loop powered)
SAB800 has two Modes of Operation – continuous or 2Hz flash, configurable in CONSYS
SAB801 has two Modes of Operation – continuous or 1Hz flash , configurable in CONSYS