Tyco MX P85SR Add Wall Sounder IP55

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Tyco 576.080.005 P85SR Addressable Wall Sounder IP

Sounders are considered as the most important of all the alarm devices. It is a mandatory requirement that sounders are used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system. The P80S range of compact addressable wall sounders includes three models with the same low current and high output specification; red and white body indoor models plus an IP rated version for either outdoor use or for harsh environment applications. EN54-23 now provides clarity by standardizing requirements, test methods and performance criteria of Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) and ensures all device parameters are measured in a uniform manner throughout Europe.

Main Requirements from EN54-23 are:

The coverage volume (i.e. volume within which required illumination is achieved) must be stated on the product or supporting documentation.
The VAD should meet the requirement for coverage volume of at least one of the following categories: W (Wall), C (Ceiling), O (Open Class).
Required illumination of 0.4 lux on a surface perpendicular to the direction of the light emitted from the VAD.
The rate of flash should be stated between 0.5Hz and 2Hz.
The devices must be classifed as Type A, indoor and Type B, outdoor.
Key Features

A compact and unobtrusive sounder solution
Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM)
Automatic self-test
Indoor and outdoor versions
Indoor models can be semi-flush or surface mounted including a choice of shallow or deep back box
IP rated option has a deep surface back box
Power and data from the loop. No additional wiring or power supplies required
Built-in line isolator
16 selectable tones
Realistic conventional bell tone
2 selectable volumes
Select the tone volume using panel configuration software
Different tones can be used for free alarm and class change
Rectangle wall mount for an aesthetically pleasing option
A locking pin/screw supplied which prevents unauthorized removal