Tyco MX ODM800 Operator Display Module

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ODM800 Operator Display Module for MX1000/2000/4000 – 557.202.019

This is the replacement LCD display and PCB for the MX 1000, 2000Marine and 4000 Panels. This does not fit the MX2 Panel.

The ODM800 operator display module provides a powerful and flexible 40 x 16 character backlit LCD display used by all MZX detection panels and full function repeaters.

The ODM800 is used with the OCM800 to provide a fully compliant and approved user interface for UL and EN54 fire detection panels.

The ODM800 also includes the following operator control keys:

0-9 alpha-numeric phone style keypad
Up and down scroll keys
Fast access key for quick access to commonly used functions
Five function keys