Tyco MX OCM800 Operator Control Module

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Tyco OCM800 Operator Control Module

The OCM800 is utilised by all MZX detection panels and full function repeaters to provide mandatory operator control and LED indication functions to comply with EN54:pt.2 and UL864.

The OCM800 is fully programmable but operates in default configurations according to the software template used.

Most software templates allow several of the LED’s and control buttons to be programmed for site-specific functions. The LED’s and control buttons both have slide in legends to suit the default configurations and language. Standard panels include the appropriate legends for their relevant markets.

The OCM800 incorporates the functionality of an MPM800, which allows it to drive an operator display module to provide a complete panel user interface. In addition the OCM800 can drive up to 80 inputs/outputs in conjunction with the modules below.

The following I/O and LED annunciator modules can be slaved from an MPM800:

Up to 5 x IOB800 (8 in/8 out LPCB/VdS approved expansion board)
Up to 5 x XIOM (16 way universal I/O board)
One Mimic Panel (80 way LED mimic driver PCB)
One 80 way ANN880 LED mimic
One 40 way ANN840 LED mimic using red & yellow LED’s
Two 20 way COM820 LED status/command modules
Up to 8 x OCM800 units can be connected to an MZX panel via the internal or external RBus communication port.