Tyco MX MIO800 Multi I/O Module

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MIO800 Multi-Input Output Module

The MIO800 is a general purpose interface module for use with MX technology fire detection systems. It allows multiple input and output connections to be made between external equipment and the MX Digital loop. Three input and four outputs are provided. Each input and output can be programmed independently using the MX consys configuration tool to provide functionality.

An IP55 rated D800 style housing is used as the standard enclosure with the option of a DIN-rail mounting kit for in-cabinet installations.


Normally open or normally closed inputs
Inputs monitored for open or short circuit faults
STYLE B (short circuit gives an alarm) or STYLE C (short circuit gives a fault) selectable for inputs
Provides four digital outputs
All four outputs can drive a self-powered high voltage relay HVR800
Two outputs have both volt free change over contacts and HVR drivers