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Minerva 80 Way Mimic Driver Module

The 80-Way Mimic allows custom made display and presentation panels to be incorporated in the MINERVA MX addressable system. It is supplied as a single PCB, which may be mounted in an expansion box or on the rear of a free-standing panel, as required. It may be used to drive up to 80 zonal LED indicators, arranged in any configuration, together with two FIRE LEDs, one
FAULT LED and one ISOLATE LED. These indicators can operate in the same manner as the corresponding indicators on the panel.

A remote Mimic can be connected to the MPM800’s configured as remote
Mimic drivers via the remote bus. Up to 15 MPM800’s may be connected on to the remote bus, each with a unique address [set onboard]. The Mimic includes audible and visable warning facilities.