Tyco MX DIM800 Det Input Module (Module Only)

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Tyco DIM800 Detector Input Module Minerva MX

The DIM800 is designed to power and monitor a circuit of low voltage conventional detectors and callpoints. The detection circuit is powered from an external 24V d.c supply and is reset by the MX addressable panel. The DIM800 monitors the external 24V d.c. and provides a fault signal if it is lost.

The input detection circuit can be wired as one or two spur circuits (Class B) one loop configured circuit (Class A) or one 4 wire detection circuit. The DIM800 is designed to be compatible with most conventional detection products.

Compatibility has been tested to date on the following products: Compatible Thorn detectors: M300 Series, M601 Series, S100 Series, H Series, S231F, S231F+, CP200, Series 600compatible Zettler detectors:M613 Series.