Tyco MX CP820 Indoor Callpoint (Use 514.800.611)

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Please note: The CP820 Call Point is now obsolete, and has been replaced by the MCP820.

CP820 Indoor Callpoint Minerva MX

The CP820 Addressable surface mounting Manual Call Point has a plastic coated frangible element to ensure safe and reliable operation, producing no dangerous glass shards. The CP820 is operated by simply pressing on the centre of the frangible element until it snaps. A hammer, or other impact device, is not required.

The snapped frangible element releases a microswitch, which signals an alarm to the Tyco MX Control and Indicating Equipment (c.i.e.). The integral LED indicator will illuminate when an alarm is registered and may also be programmed to blink when the CP820 is polled by the c.i.e.