Tyco MX CP820 Indoor Call Point with isolator

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Tyco MCP820 Addressable Indoor Call Point MX Minerva

The call point is designed to monitor and signal the condition of a switch contact that is operated by breaking a glass sheet. Any change in the status of the switch is immediately communicated to the control panel. The MCP820 has an integral short-circuit isolator for monitoring the field wiring. The MCP820 call point meets the requirements of EN54 Pt. 11 and EN54 Pt. 17.


The MCP820 consists of a switch contact which is operated by breaking the glass sheet. When the call point is addressed by the control panel, it signals the condition of this switch contact to the control panel. The LED on the front of the call point is normally OFF, until the glass is broken, then it is turned ON until the glass is replaced. In case of any emergency situation, the LED is illuminated in red to indicate the ‘ALARM’ condition.

The call point is resettable, it can be tested at any time with the aid of the call point test key provided. Insert the key fully into the bottom of the housing and pull down and remove, to release the bottom of the housing and break glass element. To reset the call point, slide the bottom of the housing upwards until it locks in position. If a section of the loop wiring adjacent to the MCP820 is shorted, the built in short-circuit isolator trips, isolating the shorted section. The LED is illuminated in yellow to indicate that the isolator is tripped. This status remains until the short is removed.

Key Features:

Communication and control interface to MZX Technology Fire Controllers
Approved to EN54-13 ensuring system compatibility
Integrated short-circuit isolator removes the need of installing a separate short-circuit isolator
Reduced installation costs
Meets the requirements of EN54 Pt. 11 and EN54 Pt. 17.