Tyco MX CIM800 Contact Input Module with Cover

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Tyco CIM800 Contact Input Module with M520 Cover Minerva MX

The CIM800 Addressable Contact Input Module supervises two circuits of voltage-free contacts such as outputs from extinguishing systems, ventilation controls, fire door controls, sprinkler flow switches, non-indicating detectors, etc. The LED illuminates when any input goes into alarm, and can also be programmed to blink when polled by the Tyco MX Control and Indicating Equipment (CIE.).

The CIM800 can be configured to supervise:

Two circuits of multiple normally-open contacts; with short circuit alarm.
Two circuits of multiple normally-closed contacts; open circuit alarm.
Two circuits with a single normally-open contact closing for alarm; with short circuit fault. This requires a resistor in series with the alarm contact and special programming at the MX4428 CIE.
On the MX4428, the two circuits are presented as a single addressable point; either circuit in alarm puts the point into alarm, any circuit in fault puts the point into fault.

Key Features

MX Addressable Module
Supervise Two Circuits
Supervise Multiple Contacts per Circuits
Up to 250 Devices per Loop