Tyco MX BDM800 Beam Detector Module c/w Cover

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BDM800 Beam Detector Module – Loop Powered

The BDM800 Beam Detector Module is designed to interface the FIRERAY 50R or the 100R reflective beam detector to the MX Digital addressable loop. The BDM800 provides power from the loop, monitors the Fire and Fault outputs of the detactor and also monitors inter-connections for open and short circuit faults. The BDM800 can also be used with the FIRERAY 2000 active infared beam detector.

Supplied fitted in a standard double gang ancillary housing, the BDM800 greatly simplifies the wiring normally associated with beam detection.

The condiderable cost of providing local power supplies that satisfy the stringent requirements of BS5839 part 1 is eliminated.

Key Features

Power beam detectors directly from the MX Digital loop
Reduced wiring and installation costs
Monitors beam detector for fire and fault
Inter-connection monitored for open and short circuit faults
LPCB and VdS appoved (pending)
Can be installed to BS5839 Part 1 2002
On board LED indicated polling and active
Use with reflective beams FIRERAY 50R or 100R for greater savings on installation
Compatible with FIRERAY 2000 beam detector
Optional BTM800 beam terminaltion module to further simplify installation