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Tyco 901SB MX Universal Sounder Base (EN54)

The 802SB/901SB Addressable Sounder Bases provide a sounder function on MX addressable systems. Designed for indoor use, they require an associated detector in order to operate, as each base is controlled by its detector.

The detector must be locked onto the sounder base using the detector locking device. Removal of the detector or loss of power to the loop will cause the sounder to cease sounding. It must be fixed to a flat ceiling or a suitable electrical backbox with 50mm fixing centres.

The 802SB is identified by a white park clip and is loop powered. The MX loop will support up to 50 802SBs operating at full volume at any one time, or 200 901SBs on full volume at any one time. The 901SB is identified by a blue park clip and requires an external 24Vdc supply.