Tyco MX 851PH Marine Photo Heat Detector

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Tyco 851PH Smoke & Heat Detector Minerva MX

With the ability to detect a wide range of fires from flaming to smouldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments. It operates in a number of approved modes and sensitivities that can be dynamically selected to suit different environmental conditions.

The Generation 6 fire detectors are designed to be both adaptable and flexible which means they can be used in most applications to protect against a wide range of potential fire risks. They use sophisticated digital signalling to communicate with the MZX Technology T2000 fire alarm control panel.

Using the 850EMT Engineering Management Tool, which communicates with the detector via a two way infrared link together with a range of bases and accessories, they are quick and easy to install, commission and service.

Key Features:

Advanced multi-sensor designs
Built-in line isolator (851PH Only)
Quick and easy to install
Extended drift compensation
Two way infra-red communication to the 850EMT Engineering Management Tool
Fire, isolate and fault LED indications
Any Pantone colour available with CPD approval
Comprehensive range of bases and base accessories