Tyco MX 830PC Smoke, Heat, CO Multi Sensor

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830PC Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Multi-Sensor Detector Minerva MX

For life protection and when the environmental conditions are challenging, the 3oTec detector provides the ultimate in detector performance and false alarm rejection. It is a multi-sensor that monitors smoke, heat and CO levels in concert to accurately determine the presence of fire. Applications include industrial, retail, transport hubs, and healthcare. Its false alarm rejection properties make it the ideal choice for hotel bedrooms where steam from bathrooms is a common source of false alarms.

Key Features:

Advanced multi-sensor designs
Built-in line isolator (850 only)
Quick and easy to install
Extended drift compensation
Two way infra-red communication to the 850EMT Engineering Management Tool
Fire, isolate and fault LED indications
Any Pantone colour available with CPD approval
Comprehensive range of bases and base accessories