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Minerva MX Intrinsically Safe Marine 811PHExn Optical Smoke & Heat Detector

The 811PHEx marine Intrinsically Safe Optical Smoke & Heat Detector forms part of the 800Ex Intrinsically Safe Series of MZX Addressable Fire Detectors. The detector plugs into a 5BEX base. The detector is designed to transmit to a remote MINERVA MZX fire controller, digital signals which represent the status of the optical smoke and heat elements of the detector.

Software within the controller is used to interpret the returned optical and heat values to raise an alarm or other appropriate response according to the type of detector configured in ‘MZXCONSYS’.

The mode of detector may be:

Optical smoke only detector (sensitivity High, Normal or Low)
HPO smoke detector (sensitivity High, Normal or Low)
Heat only rate-of-rise (A1R) detector (no sensitivity selection)
Heat only fixed temperature 60oC (A2S) (no sensitivity selection)
Optical (sensitivity High, Normal or Low) combined with heat fixed temperature 60oC (A2S)
HPO (sensitivity High, Normal or Low) combined with heat fixed temperature 60oC (A2S)
These detectors are designed to comply with EN/IEC 60079-0:2006,
EN/IEC 60079-11:2007 and EN/IEC 61241-11:2006 for intrinsically safe apparatus
They are certified:

ATEX Code: Ex II 1GD
Cenelec Code: Ex ia IIC T5/Ex iaD 20 T100oC