Tyco MX 80DSB Detector Base Sounder

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Tyco 80DSB Detector Activated Base Sounder

Sounders are considered as the most important of all the alarm devices. It is a mandatory requirement that all sounders are used as an integral part of the fire detection and alarm system. The 80DSB is a detector base specifically for use with the Tyco addressable detectors.

The base incorporates a fire alarm sounder that is activated directly by the detector. EN54-23 now provides clarity by standardising requirements, test methods and performance criteria of Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) and ensures all device parameters are measured in a uniform manner throughout Europe.

Key Features

A compact and discrete solution
One point of installation for detector and sounder with no addition wiring
Low power with up to 250 sounders on a single loop
Provides uncompromised system design solutions
Simple to select the tone and volume using switches
No special training or tools needed
9 selectable tones
4 selectable volumes
A locking pin supplied with the base which prevents the unauthorized removal of the detector
Replace legacy 802sb and it is compatible with 800 series detectors. Can be used for service and repair or as part of a planned upgrade path