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Minerva 801F & 801FEX Flame Detector

The 801F and 801FEx point type flame detectors are part of the MXTechnology® range of digital addressable fire detectors.

Both the 801F and the 801FEx are full featured solar blind flame detectors for indoor use and boast a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The standard unit is the 801F and it is designed for direct connection to the MX digital loop, employing the same detector base or functional base as other 800 series fire detectors. The 801F and 801FEx flame detectors present a cost effective solution to providing false alarm free flame detection for indoor applications.


Solar Blind for false alarm free operation
Intrinsically safe or standard versions
Fast response to flame
Detect a 0.1m2 fire at a range of 20m
Automatic health check feature
Discrete ultra low profile design
Fits a standard MX detector base or functional base
Integral alarm LED with 360o angle of view
Use T110 infrared test source (With separate adapter)