Tyco MX LPAV865 L/P Symphoni Sounder/ Beacon IP65

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MX LPAV865 Symphoni Sounder/Beacon ip65 Outdoor.

The Sounder only models are available with a red or white housing suitable for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications.

The Audio / Visual models, which incorporate a high efficiently LED beacon are also available with a red or white housing for indoor use and an IP65 rated red housing for outdoor applications.

Up to now sounder circuits have been monitored up to the EOL but not the individual sounders, fault detection has relied on human feedback from the weekly tests that should be carried out to meet the requirements of BS5839

The LP Symphoni utilising Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) employs a transducer to actively monitor the units sound output during the weekly sounder test and will report back to the MX controller if it fails to detect the sounder operating when it has been commanded to, this ensures that the LP Symphoni range of sounders will in the unlikely event of a fault, display it immediately on the fire controller and is therefore not dependant upon the staff within a building reporting a sounder failure.

This range of devices is the first of a new range of MX ancillaries to include Line Isolation as standard. As the line lsolator is now integral to the device the need for separate line isolation devices is reduced saving installation time and wiring costs.

16 Tones are available from the sounder, which include tones compatible with the 802SB sounder base and the LPBB520 (loop powered Besson Banshee). Dutch slow whoop and the DIN 1Hz sweep are included.

The LP Symphoni range of devices will be fully supported by Consys Version 10 , the point input dialog box provides an easy method for setting the Tones, Volume and Flash rate of the device. The only operation required at the device is to set the address using the 801AP device programmer.


Loop Powered – Reduced installation costs
High Output / Low consumption – Lower lifetime costs
Indoor and Outdoor models – Same sounder tones in all areas
Sounder / LED Beacon Version – DDA Compliant
16 Tones and 2 Flash rates – Suites individual requirements
Reflective Sound Monitoring RSM – Reassurance that ALL sounders are working
Integral Line Isolator – Saves cost and installation time