Tyco 601PH-M Conventional Marine Optical Smoke Detector

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Please note: The 600 series are due to be made obsolete. They will be replaced by the 700 series. The direct replacement for the 601PH-M is the Tyco 516.900.102 711PH Optical Heat Detector – Marine.

601PH-M High Performance Optical Smoke Detector – Conventional (Marine)

The 601PH-M detector forms part of the series 600 range of plug in detectors for ceiling mounting. 601PH-M detectors react to the complete range of fire products, from slow smouldering fires , producing visible particles to open flaming fires producing large numbers of very hot smaller sized aerosols. The combination of optical and heat technology allows detection of clear burning fire products which until now could only be detected by ion-chamber detectors.

For normal ambient conditions 601PH-M will behave as a normal optical smoke detector, only when a rapid rise in temperature is detected does the sensitivity of the detector increase and the presence of smoke will confirm a fire condition which will be transmitted as an alarm level. The 601PH-M design incorporates a unique “mousehole” optical chamber with an unrivalled signal to noise ratio providing high resilience to dust and dirt which means reduced servicing cost. In addition, a unique chamber cover actually draws slow moving smoke into the chamber to provide a more responsive detector.

Key Features:

Approved by all major classification societies for use on vessels
EN54 Approved from LPCB
Low operational voltage: 10.5 Vdc to 33 Vdc
Aesthetically discreet
Superior performance and reliability
Designed for rapid installation
Wiring polarity independent