Hochiki Wireless Translator Module

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The RSM-WTM is a fully intelligent wired to wireless Translator Module. Completely compatible with the Hochiki ESP protocol, the module allows the use of fully intelligent radio (wireless) field devices alongside standard hard wired devices.

The Translator Module allows the connection of up to 32 radio field devices to an addressable fire detection loop. Multiple Translators can be used on a system providing the system has sufficient loop addresses avaliable.

Each radio field device takes a loop address making them fully intelligent and their radio connectivity transparent to the end user. System parameters are programmed via the Translator Module and a PC link. The Translator Module automatically manages detector radiated power depending on the device communication quality.

The module is housed in an IP65 housing making it suitable for mounting in wet environments and outdoors. The unit is fitted with two orthogonal antennae which reduce radio fade and ensure reliable radio communication. Key Features
Loop Powered.
Bi-directional wireless communication.
Self optimising wireless amplitude and frequency.
Automatic wireless channel hopping.
Fully intelligent.
High reliability and sensitivity.
Flexible on site device adjustment.
IP65 protection for exterior mounting.
Makes additions to existing wired systems easy and cost effective.