Hochiki Wireless Single Channel Powered Output Module

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The RSM-POM is wireless powered output modules which allows the control panel to active / switch the circuits of an external device or system wirelessly via an RSM-CIM, RSM-EXP or RSM-WTM. The units’ contacts can be configured to be normally open or normally closed and switch at 30 V dc/125v ac at 2A. The unit can be configured to provide either a 12v dc or a 24 V dc output. Module parameters are programmed via the Translator Module (RSM-WTM) which then automatically manages radiated power depending on the device communication quality. All modules can then adjust their frequency and radiated power in accordance with the signal quality received from the Translator Module.

The unit is mounted in a protective IP65 housing for mounting in hostile conditions and to enable the termination of fire protection cabling. The module allows the connection of third party equipment to the fire system via the monitored input circuit. The module is also controllable from the Fire Control Panel via the cause and effect programming and offers the same level of flexibility as a standard addressable module.

Key Features:

Contacts can be configured as N/O or N/C
Selectable output – 12 V dc or 24 V dc
Bi-directional wireless communication
Self-optimizing wireless amplitude and frequency
Automatic wireless channel hopping
Fully intelligent
High reliability and sensitivity
Flexible on site device adjustment
Makes additions to existing wired systems easy and cost effective
Compliant with AS4428.9
SAI Global Approved