Hochiki Duct Detector Mounting Box including SDP-3 PIPE

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The SDP-3 is a Duct Probe housing allowing a range of photoelectric smoke detection devices, either conventional or analogue addressable, to be mounted on the outside of an air duct for the purpose of monitoring the air within the duct.

Using an aspirating technique, the air within the duct is drawn via a pipe into the duct probe’s housing. This allows constant sampling with a standard, LPCB approved smoke detector, which makes smoke detection within the duct simple, effective and easy to maintain.

Hochiki devices compatible with the SDP-3;

Analogue Addressable Smoke Sensors: ACA-E, ACC-E, ALG-E, ALN-E, ATJ-E (all variants).
Analogue Addressable Bases: YBN-R/3, YBN-R/3(SCI) (all variants).
Conventional Smoke Detectors: SLR-E3, SLR-E3N (all variants).
Conventional Bases: YBN-R/6, YBN-R/6SK, YBO-R/6R, YBO-R/6RN and YBO-R/6RS (all variants).
Suplied with standard 600mm sampling pipe, other pipe lengths available separat.