Metal Deckhead Mounting Box (M20)

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  • Protects against water ingress
  • Improved performance
  • Available in polycarbonate or metal
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The Metal Deckhead Mounting Box gives extra protection to devices to be fitted in areas where there is the possibility of moisture or condensaton ingressing through the rear of the base. The new version is suitable for a wider range of detector bases as well as Apollo’s AV bases.

Mechanical Construction

The Deckhead Mounting Box is used on its own in most cases but there are applications where either an extension sleeve or an adaptor ring is required.

The Extension Sleeve is required when fitting heater or deep bases; the Adaptor Ring is needed for fitting sounder bases, beacon bases or sound beacon bases. Further details are given in the table below.

The Extension Sleeve and the Adaptor Ring are sold as an Accessory Kit, part no 45681-218.The Deckhead Mounting Box has 6 cable access ports for M20 glands and is secured to the mounting surface via two 5.4mm holes in the webs.

Notes on Use

1. Do not apply any sealing compound or use a gasket of any kind between the detector base and deckhead mounting box

2. Ensure that if a terminal block is fitted, it does not contact or foul the detector base

3. Ensure that the mounting surface is flat and Level

4. Seal unused cable access ports with suitable blanking plugs. Sealing compound may be used provided, that it does not, at any time, give off fumes or vapour which could affect any detector fitted to the base

5. The deckhead mounting box orientation should be such that the detector LED is facing the entrance to the protected area