Advanced Lifeline Vibrating Pager Unit with Out of Range ena

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Modern fire systems can be spread over huge areas, covering densely populated buildings and valuable assets such as server rooms, with expensive extinguishant release systems in place. By reacting quickly, fire system managers and operators can save time and money, reduce false alarms and cancel or facilitate evacuation.

Once connected to a fire system via the standard ESPA protocol, LifeLine will instantly transmit detailed information on the total system and individual panel and device conditions to personal pagers. Information can be issued on a range of triggers including alarms, pre-alarms or device faults. LifeLine uses its own radio network, which can be reliably configured for coverage and does not rely on third party networks such as SMS text or email.

Key Features:

Standard two-line alphanumeric pager
Hand held, battery operated
Programmed to work with LifeLine to BS requirements
‘Out of range’ alert feature
In alarm condition messages sent every 10s until main panel alarm is reset
Cannot be accidentally switched off
Tone & vibrate