Advanced Lifeline Engineering Vibrating Rechargeable Pager c

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The LifeLine rechargeable pager is an alphanumeric pager with a large TFT colour display which displays easy-to-follow icons and twenty-five characters of text on up to six lines. The handheld battery-operated pager is specifically programmed to work supporting all the features of the LifeLine system in order meet the relevant standards.

The pager is easy to use with six large buttons forming the user interface. Two of the buttons are soft keys, menu driven from the display, to allow quick and easy access to messages.

Features include various tone and vibration settings and a selection of individual alarms an operator can set, with all messages date and time stamped. The device also has a separate status LED in the top right-hand corner. When the pager receives a message, the status LED will illuminate for five second along with an audible/tactile alert. The device can store up to 200 messages and when full, the oldest message will be removed to make room for the latest.

The rechargeable Lithium battery is capable of providing up to ten days’ operation in standby mode and the display also includes a voltage level indicator. The recharging function is provided via a 5V mini-USB port.

The pager comes complete with a belt holster, charging cable and plug.

There is no limit to the number of pagers that can be used with a LifeLine panel and each pager has its own identity for installation.

Key Features:

Supports all features of the LifeLine pager panel
Large TFT Colour display (2.2 Inch, 320 * 240 pixels)
Rechargeable battery via 5V mini-USB Port
Up to 10 Days battery life in standby
Battery Level Indicator
Selection of vibration and tone alert