Mains Safety Isolator (Red)

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  • Switch Contact Rating: Double Pole 250V AC 8A
  • Works in accordance with BS 5839 PT.1.2013 – Due to this, both the live and neutral supply is switched (double pole)
  • Key removable in both on/off position
  • Fuse cannot be removed without taking the cover off
  • When in the off position the fuse is disconnected from the supply
  • Compliant mains safety isolator key switch for fire alarm systems
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The 400-220RB is a mains isolation key switch designed for use with fire alarm systems to safely isolate the mains supply.

It features a 2 position key switch with a dedicated key, which means that it can operated by authorized personnel only and cannot be tampered with. The key is removable in both ON/OFF positions. An internal fuse is also provided for protection.

The fuse cannot be removed without taking the cover off.